Objection Handling

Objection handling is another way of the client asking for more info because they simply didn't understand the question or the product. It is the unwillingness of the client to purchase from the sales person because not enough information has been given for the client to make a decision to buy or decline.

Lack of benefits

In most cases, the objection the client has presented, means that they don't see the benefits or the client simply is not interested because it does not suit their life style.

However if the client sees the benefit and likes the idea presented by the sales person and the client still has objections then its the sales persons job to clear the objection.

This is achieved by the salesperson giving  more information in a way that the client clearly understands.

Right questions

The sales person asking the right questions and answered correctly will either allow the client to make a decision of purchase or decline.

In a nut shell an objection is a question that has been unanswered by the sales person to the satisfaction of the client.

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