Support And Encourage

Manager's.. ''Are You In Full Support And Encouraging Leadership Qualities In Your Sales Team?"

Managers who intimidate are only preventing freedom of expression, which also is a creative hindrance for sales people to solve problems and answer objections confidently and swiftly without, that is, creative expression!

''Managers intimidating their sales team thinking that's the way to motivate should be removed immediately from management position and the organization all together, as it is not accepted nor tolerated nor should be''

THIS SHOULD BE CLASSED AS A "NO GO ZONE" and CEO's and Director/s MUST be in full support if they want a thriving Sales Team!!

Thinking Intimidation Allows For Creative Expression, Think Again!!

I have witnessed first hand sales teams pay a heavy price in salary and commissions. And the company's closure ratio decreases, due to intimidating manager's impact on each and every individual person.

You will cause yourself, each sales person and the company as a whole financial stress and lack of abundance due to preventing creative expression to take place, which is a major 'key' to a 'successful thriving sales team'.

Allowing your sales team to express themselves freely, without the fear of making mistakes, or being judged by management, will give them the confidence to handle objections. They will avoid been rejected and it will also raise their individual closure ratio!!

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