Always End With Roses

What do I mean by "roses"?

"Roses" are simply compliments and well wiahes

Some clients are difficult

I know there are days when we have a client that we would love to really speak our minds to , and then just hang up the phone!!

Thinking it will satisfy and relieve us of pent up frustration?

It won't.. and it's also very unfair and rude to the client. It's simply a ''No Go Zone''

We also don't know the kind of day the client has had, whether an argument with partner/spouse or even stressed with kids and the list goes on and on!!

Always Give Roses

Regardless of the conversation with the client, whether it be positive or negative, even if the client is down right rude. Whatever the cause it's irrelevant to put it nicely!

It also does not mean the client is always right either!!

The only meaning it has, and the only thing you need to do is;

Thank the client for their time, have a great day and say good bye!!

There should not and will not be, any reason for you, other than to say goodbye to the client.

Total professionalism at all times, always end with ''roses''

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